Our History

In 1852, a Methodist church was built at Cyrchygwas Road, Treforest. A thriving Christian fellowship worshipped and served the community there for almost 150 years.

In 1866 a Methodist Church was built on the Main Road in Hawthorn. This building survived until 1956 when, because of restructuring to the road at Hawthorn, the fellowship moved to a brand new building on Poplar Road.


This attracted many young people from the adjoining housing estate and over the years has run Sunday school, youth club, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade and now Urban Saints (formerly called Crusaders).

In 1987, the fellowships at Treforest and Rhydyfelin combined – using the Treforest building for Sunday worship and the Rhydyfelin building for the weeknight youth work. On Jan 9th 2000, the closing service was held at Treforest and we moved full time to Rhydyfelin.

In 2006, at a cost of £191,000, by the grace of God, we were able to do major refurbishments to the building, including a small extension. This was due to grants from the Welsh Assembly and several other Trust Funds and support from partners in Rhydyfelin Regeneration Partnership, the local community and local churches.

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